CIDC 2019
Clarion International Developer Conference 2019

Call for Papers
Part of what makes Clarion Conferences great is the variety and quality of presenters. There are no professional presenters just regular Clarion folk like you. Even if you've not presented before we encourage you to submit topics to present.

Length can be anything from 15 minutes to 90 minutes. Sometimes short sharp sessions can be the most memorable and it's amazing how much value can be added in such a short time. At the other end of the scale an extended session really allows you to get into the meat of a topic.

We're looking for any topics that would interest Clarion programmers of any level. Yes there will be some outstanding developers at the conference, but the topics should not be aimed at them. Remember that most developers are just like you and even simple topics can provide a lot of value.

Never presented before? No worries - everyone has to present for the first time. There's lots of time before the event to practice and if you like we'll pair you with a mentor to coach you along. We'll help you refine your message and guide you in making sure you deliver the best material you can.

And as a special bonus, if you are selected to present, you'll get a discount on your conference fee.

So please submit your idea to - just a simple paragraph will do at this point.

Do you have an idea but you can't be with us in Orlando? Or you positively, absolutely, can't bring yourself to deliver the presentation? Please email us that as well and we'll see if we can pair you up with someone to develop and present the material on your behalf.